A super small web framework for those who don't like big and fancy codebases

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MIT licensed by Alessandro Gatti
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Howdy, this is Ketchup!

Ketchup is a very small HTTP server implementation, currently 300 LoC total!

Ketchup is also made to be as modular and embeddable as possible, if you want a cabal-free Haskell app, just take those two/three files you need and put it in your project!

Currently Ketchup comes with:

  • Basic httpd functionality (IPV4 only for now)
  • URL Routing with parameters (ie. /user/:name/)
  • Static file handler (ie. static "." as route/handler)
  • Basic Auth (please use it over a HTTPS reverse proxy)


The core parts of Ketchup are all depedency free, that includes Ketchup.Httpd and Ketchup.Utils (and to a certain extent, Ketchup.Chunked). The dependencies required are for the following modules:

  • Ketchup.Static (uses mime-types)
  • Ketchup.Auth (uses base64-bytestring)

A word of warning

Ketchup is not a competitor to Snap / Happstack / Yesod / etc., Being designed to be small, Ketchup doesn't have or care about high performance / templating etc., Ketchup doesn't even have HTTPS!

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