A type-safe EDSL for TouchDesigner written in Haskell.

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BSD3 licensed by Ulysses Popple


A type-safe EDSL for TouchDesigner written in Haskell. Instead of connecting nodes by hand, use the power of algebraic data types to program TouchDesigner projects in Haskell.

Getting Started


  • TouchDesigner ** With dictdiffer installed. You can pip install dictdiffer and then make sure TouchDesigner can see that module by following the TouchDesigner tutorial
  • Haskell (only tested with haskellstack)


Clone or download LambdaDesigner-sample.



This takes you through Main.hs. Note that you must be running LambdaDesigner.toe to see the results of running code.

The first thing you need to do is grab a reference to the runner.

topRunner :: IO ( Tree TOP -> IO () )

main = do
  r <- topRunner

This will let us run a Tree TOP which will show up as an output connector on the lambda COMP in TouchDesigner. Lets see this happening by creating a movieFileIn top with the sample image.

main = do
  r <- topRunner
  r $ movieFileIn (bstr "app.samplesFolder+'/Map/Banana.tif'")

We have something we can run!

$ stack build
$ stack exec LamdaDesigner-sample-exe

Take a look at it running in TouchDesigner! To experiment with different node types check out the . Not every TouchDesigner node is represented yet, but the most common ones are there.

If you’d

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