an adapter for LogicGrowsOnTrees that uses MPI

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BSD3 licensed by Gregory Crosswhite
Maintained by Gregory Crosswhite

IF YOU ARE READING THIS ON HACKAGE then click here to browse the package reference documentation. (The package unfortunately cannot be built on the Hackage server because MPI is not installed on it.)

This package provides a adapter for the LogicGrowsOnTrees package that uses MPI for parallelism. See the module documentation for more details.

NOTE: You need to have an MPI implementation installed to use the package; no thread support is required, and it only uses very simple functionality so MPI 1.0 or 1.1 should suffice. Also, mpi.h needs to be in the include path and a library named mpi (libmpi in unix) in the library path; if these files are not in their respective paths, you can add their directories to their respective search paths for this package by using Cabal's respective --extra-include-dirs=... and --extra-lib-dirs=... options.



  • Improved performance.

  • Now notices are logged when workers connect and disconnect.

  • Exposed getCurentStatistics in the RequestQueueMonad, allowing one to obtain the statistics at any time during the run.

  • Fixed the documentation.

  • Now ImplicitParams are used instead of a monad to ensure sockets initialization.

  • Fixed bug where MPI was not geting initialized.

  • Bumped dependency bounds.

  • Lowered he lower bound on stm from 2.4 to 2.3.

  • Deleted vestigial import.

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