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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Susumu Katayama
Maintained by Susumu Katayama

MagicHaskeller is an inductive functional programming system for Haskell. This package contains the MagicHaskeller library, which can be used within GHCi or as an API for inductive program synthesis. It also contains the MagicHaskeller executable that is a standalone synthesis program which can be used interactively or as a backend server, and the MagicHaskeller.cgi executable that is a CGI frontend for providing the Web interface.

* add functions for incremental learning to the library
* support GHC 8.0
* enable selecting functions individually
* Fix some bugs in CGI. Now you do not need to use GHC 7.4 even for building the CGI.
* Fix some bugs and misfeatures in CGI
* Replace the "Interpreted as ..." with more informative "Corrected with ..." in CGI
* Add this changelog.txt
* Implement copy by drag-and-drop
* Add the build time to versionInfo, which is shown in the CGI frontend and by the :version command
* Use the time package instead of old-time, and use UTC
* Fix the stupid bug of regarding Int as RealFrac, which crept into
* Enable documentation of language constructs, such as let, in, if, then, else, etc., when typed in as a word.
* Fix documentation of operators starting with `:', which used to cause the `command unknown' error
* Fix and support ProgGen again
* Support hscolour, by converting Japanese comments into UTF-8
* Use optLevel 2 (corresponding to -O2) when compiling the query to the server
* Remove -O2, -fvia-C, and Flag GHC7 from the .cabal file
* Fix indentation in the Cabal file, which caused the wrong dependency
* Suppress warnings
* Add package description
* Support GHC 7.10
* Bundle the `predicates' files
* Make buildable with Windows
* many changes, which may be itemized here in the future
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