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BSD3 licensed by Curt Sampson, Lars Kotthoff
This is very much work in progress and an alpha development release.

Call the main program from whatever you are using to receive mail.

Usage: mhailist <list-file-dir> <sendmail-path>

This program expects the mail to be processed to be passed to it on STDIN.

Messages to listname-command@listdomain execute a command on
listname@listdomain for the sender of the message; commands understood
are "subscribe" and "unsubscribe".

Otherwise, messages to listname@listdomain are forwarded to the list
if the sender is subscribed to the list. If the list doesn't exist
we print an error and exit with an error code.

The list of subscribed addresses is stored in a file named
listname@listdomain in the directory given as the <list-file-dir>
command line argument.
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