Simple scoring schemes for word alignments

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BSD3 licensed by Christian Hoener zu Siederdissen

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Natural Language Alphabets

This library provides a simple scoring method for alignment of words with natural language alphabets. The underlying /character/ type is BTI from the LinguisticsTypes package, which provides efficient encoding of arbitrarily complex atomic characters.

The actual alignment algorithms can be found in the WordAlignment package.


Christian Hoener zu Siederdissen
Leipzig University, Leipzig, Germany


  • prefix / suffix affine scoring added to scoring system

  • moved IMMC to LinguisticsTypes library and renamed to BTI
  • removed MultiChar type
  • using HashMap from unordered-containers instead of HashTable from hashtables. Now we do not have to unsafePerformIO anymore.
  • JSON (de)serialization for SimpleScoring scheme

  • internalisation was not thread-safe, now it is
  • some property tests
  • scoring file suffix is now .score

  • cleanup for GHC 7.10
  • travis-ci integration

  • thanks to a new system-filepath, we now have Stringable instances
  • NFData instances
  • added a simple scoring system

  • initial checkin
  • internable MultiChar characters
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