A port of John Skilling's nested sampling C code to Haskell.

Latest on Hackage:0.1.4

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GPL-2 licensed by Issac Trotts
The code here is a fairly straightforward translation of the tutorial
nested sampling code from Skilling and Sivia. The translation was
done by Issac Trotts starting in June 2011.

What follows is an adaptation of the original README:

This directory holds little toy nested-sampling programs
in Haskell, adapted from the C code in the update of Devinder's book "Data
Analysis: a Bayesian Tutorial" (2nd edition) OUP 2006.

To get started, install Haskell (GHC), then run
$ cabal install

Try out the example program like this:

$ lighthouse
logZ: -160.48 +- 0.17
information: 2.90 nats
1000 samples

x = 1.25 +- 0.18
y = 1.00 +- 0.20

Details can be found at the top of lighthouse.hs.

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