Number Theoretic Sieves: primes, factorization, and Euler's Totient

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BSD3 licensed by Melissa O'Neill, Leon P Smith
Maintained by Leon P Smith

This package includes the Sieve of O'Neill and two generalizations of the Sieve of Eratosthenes. The Sieve of O'Neill is a fully incremental primality sieve based on priority queues. The other two are array based, and are not incremental. One sieves the smallest prime factor, and is useful if you want to factor a large quantity of small numbers. The other sieves Euler's Totient, which is the number of positive integers relatively prime and less than a given number.


Version 0.1.2: (2012-08-21)
* Added Show constraints for compatibility with recent versions of
GHC, as Show is no longer a superclass of Integral

* Applied a patch from Melissa O'Neill that fixes the priority queue
in her sieve. This bug does not effect the prime generation

Version 0.1.1: (2010-09-02)
* Changed the module naming hierarchy from NumberTheory.* to Math.*

* Added a test suite

* Improved Haddock documentation

* Added a link to the darcs repository in the .cabal file

* Changed the Category in the .cabal file

Version 0.0: (2009-07-13)

* Initial Release
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