Provides a wrapper for deriving word types with fewer bits. http://www.gekkou.co.uk/

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BSD3 licensed by Robin KAY
Maintained by Robin KAY

Provdes the OddWord type, which wraps an existing integer type and exposes a subset of its bits as a new narrower word type. Includes predefined type synonyms for all the odd sized words up to 63 bits.


OddWord - Release History

release- - 2018.04.11

* Added FiniteBitsBase to support FiniteBits atop non-finite base types.
* Added explicit Typeable instances.
* Removed Cabal flag for type-level literals in favour of always enabling.
* Fixed performance impact of using type-level literals.
* Fixed undefined behaviour in test suite.
* Changed minimum supported GHC version to 7.10 (base 4.8).
* Changed test suite to use hspec.

release- - 2018.04.05

* Added criterion benchmark
* Renamed NEWS file to CHANGELOG.
* Relaxed QuickCheck version constraint.

release- - 2015.10.25

* Added optional support for GHC type-level literals.
* Added FiniteBits instance.
* Added more test coverage.
* Fixed bug in toEnum function and extended test suite. (Thanks to Pasqualino
"Titto" Assini)
* Fixed warnings when compiling test suite with base-4.7 (GHC 7.8).
* Relaxed QuickCheck version constraint.

release- - 2013.05.14

* Fixed misdefinition of type synonyms for Word10, Word12, and Word14,
and extended test suite. (Thanks to Benno Fünfstück)

release- - 2012.12.30

* Fixed compilation with base-4.6 (GHC 7.6).
* Fixed bug in Read instance and extended test suite. (Thanks to Tikhon

release-1.0.0 - 2011.07.21

* Initial release.
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