Text UI library for performing parallel remote SSH operations

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BSD3 licensed by Kevin Quick
Maintained by <quick@sparq.org>

This library provides the ability to coordinate the remote ssh execution of commands on target nodes and display the results in a console interface. The console interface can either be a cmdline (CLI) or a text interface (TUI), based on brick and vty; support is provided for extension to other UI components as well.

Almost all of the functionality is provided in the library itself; it just needs an executable that will invoke it with the set of remote nodes. See the GetRemotes.hs file for an example: remotes can be of any type that is an instance of WorkEntry with an associated WorkGroup grouping.

There is an onrmttest executable built that showcases the functionality using ssh operations to localhost, and a corresponding onrmttestline executable that provides a simple CLI.


Series 1

  • – initial release
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