OpenVG (ShivaVG-0.2.1) binding

Latest on Hackage:0.7.0

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BSD-3-Clause licensed
Maintained by Stephen Tetley
Haskell bindings to ShivaVG (OpenVG implementation).

Haskell OpenVG 0.1 binds to ShivaVG-0.2.0
Haskell OpenVG 0.2 binds to ShivaVG-0.2.1
Haskell OpenVG 0.2.1 binds to ShivaVG-0.2.1
Haskell OpenVG 0.3.0 binds to ShiaVG-0.2.1
(thanks to Stefan Kirsten for the patches).
Haskell OpenVG 0.4.0 binds to ShivaVG-0.2.1

I've tested the bindings on both Windows XP (MinGW/Msys)
and MacOSX Leopard.

On MacOSX both the 0.2 and 0.1 bindings seem work on
their respective libraries.

On Windows the version 0.4.0 bindings now work, though please
make sure your Haskell OpenGL binding works first before trying
the OpenVG binding.


MacOSX - runhaskell / GHCi freeze the shell when you try to run
the example TestVgu.hs. You will have to compile it first.

Windows - running the test through GHCi kills the GHCi session
when you close the display window. It's better to run through

Shiva-VG (the C Library) should install quite easily on MacOSX -
I installed it with the usual `configure`, `make` &
`make install`. I would imagine Linux is easy too. Windows isn't
all that easy - but there are instructions in the file

On all platforms you will need OpenGL and GLUT and the Haskell
bindings to OpenGL and GLUT installed and working, these are
part of the Platform.


== OpenVG ==

version 0.7.0 (01 Jan 2014):
* Updated to work with GHC 7.6 and Platform 2013.2.0.0.

* Updated Windows install instructions.

version 0.6.0 (17 Jan 2010):
* Revised the RenderingQuality module to use an opaque matrix
type rather than a raw pointer. Acknowledgement - the code
and interface is derived from the Matrix class in HOpenGL.

* Revised Image module - PixelData is now an opaque type rather
than a raw pointer.

* Work on Path module - pathBounds implemented. This module is
entirely untested and may change again in the future.

version 0.5.0 (16 Jan 2010):
* Split into 2 packages OpenVG (this package) and OpenVGRaw.

version 0.4.0 (13 Dec 2009):
* LinearGradient type changed to be Vector4 VGfloat.

* RadialGradient changed to (Vector4 VGfloat, VGfloat).

* Removed Marshal and Unmarshal type classes, marshallBool and
unmarshalBool moved out of the BasicTypes module.

* Type change for colorRampStops.

* Name change - maxStops changed to maxColorRampStops.

* PathType(..) changed to PathAbsRel(..).

* Substantial changes to Haddock docs.

* Error handling in VGU redone - the original code in
ErrorsInternal was taken wholesale from Sven Panne\'s
OpenGL binding to help me bootstrap OpenVG binding.
Regrettably I forgot to replace it or attribute it -
I've now replaced it. Sincere apologies to Sven Panne.

version 0.3.0 (10 Dec 2009):
* Changes to use the split OpenGL packages

* Added type coercions for the Size data type (these
might not be ideal).

version 0.2.1 (10 Dec 2009):
* .cabal file upper bounds for OpenGL and GLUT

* Windows installation instructions updated.

version 0.2 (07 Jul 2009):
* Updated to support ShivaVG version 0.2.1

* ShivaVG 0.2.1 add support for
- vgHardwareQuery

* ShivaVG 0.2.1 stubbed a number of functions that were previously missing
- vgMask
- vgChildImage
- vgGetParent
- vgColorMatrix
- vgConvolve
- vgSeparableConvolve
- vgGaussianBlur
- vgLookup
- vgLookupSingle

- vguComputeWarpQuadToSquare
- vguComputeWarpSquareToQuad
- vguComputeWarpQuadToQuad

version 0.1 (02 Feb 2009):
* Support for ShivaVG version 0.2.0
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