BSD-3-Clause licensed by Ralf Hinze
Maintained by Teo Camarasu
This version can be pinned in stack with:PSQueue-1.1.1@sha256:6a047401f39a437c6cf4f866fb9b8f4b53b465bc12ae78c91e5026a653794509,1500

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A priority search queue efficiently supports the opperations of both a search tree and a priority queue. A Binding is a product of a key and a priority. Bindings can be inserted, deleted, modified and queried in logarithmic time, and the binding with the least priority can be retrieved in constant time. A queue can be built from a list of bindings, sorted by keys, in linear time.



  • Teo Camarasu takes over as maintainer #1
  • Relax base bound to allow compatiblity with GHC-9.0 and GHC-9.2 #2
  • Add test suite and basic Github Actions CI #3

  • Maintenance release
  • Add support for base-
  • Fix link to ICFP paper
  • Modernise packaging