high-performance distributed reverse / forward proxy & tunneling for TCP http://fusion.corsis.eu

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GPL-3 licensed and maintained by Cetin Sert, Corsis Research

PortFusion is a minimalistic, cross-platform, transport-layer distributed reverse / forward proxy & tunneling solution for TCP (RDP, SSH, HTTP(S), (S)FTP, VNC, ...) released under GPLv3.

A single package that makes the most of each platform by tapping into their unique capabilities, combining this power with an intuitive interface, beautiful design and Haskell's excellent support for unprecedented levels of concurrency and parallelism.

It strives for the smallest source code size while delivering maximum throughput with near zero overhead.

Official Binaries
visit http://fusion.corsis.eu to download for:
  • Windows (: now also builds 64-bit, with GHC 7.6.1 or above *^o*^!! :)

  • GNU/Linux

  • Mac OS X

  • FreeBSD

Version Scheme
Major-R-ewrite . New-F-unctionality . I-mprovementAndBugFixes . P-ackagingOnly
  • PackagingOnly changes are made for quality assurance reasons.

  • No new official binary releases are made for PackagingOnly changes.

  • Official r.f.i binaries are bit-for-bit the same as r.f.i.p builds for all p.

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