Read single output from an array of inputs - channels with priorities

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LGPL licensed and maintained by Andrejs Sisojevs

Abbreviation for the PriorityChansConverger is PCC.

Based on STM.TChan, extended with capacity control. Wrapped into IO version is also available.

When user reads from the PCC, the choice is made - from which channel to read. System selects a nonempty channel, whose (CurrentPriority, StartPriority) tuple is max. The side effect of the channel selection is it's CurrentPriority decrease by one, if it's value becomes less than one, then the CurrentPriority is set to StartPriority.

For the main API interface:

import Control.Concurrent.PriorityChansConverger

The realization probably isn't very fast and isn't good at memory economy, since it uses fresh high level primitive - STM. It wasn't intended to be used with millions of channels. But it's max throughput comparing to the ordinary Chan throughput is to be estimated (will do it in some future version).

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