A pandoc filter to express R plots inside markdown

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BSD3 licensed by Corentin Dupont

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A pandoc filter to embbed R plots inside markdown documents.

See the Blog post for more details on usage.


Install R:

sudo apt-get install r-base

Create a file called demo.md with the following text:

Here is a nice plot:
    ~~~ {.Rplot}
    D = 150
    T = 10
    t = seq(0, 80, 0.01)
    x = -D*exp(-(t/T))+D
    v = (D/T)*exp(-(t/T))
    plot(t, x, type="l", main="position through time", xlab="time (s)", ylab="position (m)", xlim=c(0,80), ylim=c(0, D+10),  xaxs = "i", yaxs = "i")

Now run:

    pandoc -t html demo.md --filter R-pandoc -o demo.html -s

The file demo.html should now have a nice plot included:



R-pandoc compiles code blocks containing R plots and includes the resulting images in the pandoc markup. It is meant to be run as a pandoc filter as shown above.


    git clone https://github.com/cdupont/R-pandoc.git
    cd R-pandoc
    cabal install
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