Haskell bindings to ReviewBoard

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BSD3 licensed by Adam Smyczek
Maintained by <>

Haskell bindings to ReviewBoard (

From the ReviewBoard project page:
"Review Board is a web-based tool designed to help projects and companies
keep track of pending code changes and make code reviews much less painful
and time-consuming..."

This package contains:
- The WebAPI binding to ReviewBoard.
- Sample command line tools mkrr and rbpatch demonstrating the usage
of the bindings.
- Using 'mkrr' new review requests can be submitted
from the local repository copy as simple as:
svn diff | mkrr -r [reviewers]
- 'rbpatch' applies patches to local repository from a review request diff.
For details see the tools haddock documentation.

Implemented and tested using ReviewBoard 1.0 Beta (4/25/2008).


- GHC (
- HTTP package (
- JSON package (


1. Configure:
runhaskell Setup.lhs configure
2. Compile:
runhaskell Setup.lhs build
3. Install:
runhaskell Setup.lhs install (as root)


0.2.2 - Added support for plain http server requests, httpGet and httpPost
- Changed get and post request methods to apiGet and apiPost
- Added rbpatch, an example command line tool that applies patches
from a review request diff to local repository
- Added summary flag to mkrr and support for publishing

0.2.1 - Change the method API calls are constructed (internal change)

0.2 - More API calls are supported
- Changed RBResponse type to simplify response handling
- Added minimalistic DSL for handling JSON responses
- mkrr supports screenshot upload now (-S command line flag)

0.1 - Initial implementation supports basic API calls to submit new review requests

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