STL 3D geometry format parsing and pretty-printing

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BSD3 licensed by Daniel Bergey
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STL is a simple file format for representing 3D objects as the triangles which form their surface. It is common in 3D printing workflows.

This Haskell library provides parsing and serialization to and from both text and binary STL formats.

Documentation for the last release is on Hackage. The examples directory contains a couple of simple command-line programs using the library.

Bug reports, patches, and examples of use are welcome.


  • allow base-4.9

  • allow cereal-0.5

  • allow attoparsec-0.13

  • allow base-4.8


  • Move Serialize instances to avoid orphans
  • Fix broken text output format

  • Allow text-1.2

  • Allow attoparsec 0.12.*
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