Generate a parser (in Haskell) with the SableCC parser generator.

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BSD3 licensed by Marc Fontaine
Maintained by Marc Fontaine

This package allows one to use parsers that were written for the SableCC parser generator from Haskell and Prolog. More specifically it reads an XML file that is generated by SableCC (version and generates Haskell and Prolog modules which contain the parser tables. The package is used in the build-process of the the ProB Animator (http:/www.stups.uni-duesseldorf.deProB) to build parsers for the B specification language and it is primarily interesting for ProB developers. Nevertheless, there are several SableCC grammars available on the Internet (http:/sablecc.orgwiki/GrammarPage) and in case someone ever has to use one of those grammars with Haskell (for whatever reason), then this package might be useful. As this package is still under development, it does not contain the actual parser-engines that execute the generated parser-tables. For an example of a runnable B-Parser, based on this tool, look at the ProB source-code (Prolog) or the B-Frontend package (Haskell). Any questions of feedback well-come.

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