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A light, clean and powerful Haskell utility library

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OtherLicense licensed by Marc Coiffier

SimpleH : A simple Haskell for the simple programmer

The Haskell Prelude is a very useful library that is automatically loaded when compiling a Haskell source file. It defines most of the functions that are needed to write a simple Haskell program, including numeric functions, list functions, I/O functions and fundamental control structures (Monads, Functors and the like).

SimpleH isn't meant to replace the Prelude but to complement it. However, it redefines some standard classes in order to simplify their functionality so it may not interact nicely with other libraries that make use of the standard bindings. Still, I tried to keep the redefining to a minimum and to render the SimpleH experience as seamless as possible.

Warning: since I started writing SimpleH just a few weeks back, I haven't taken the time to properly document it yet, so you have to already be familiar with basic Haskell concepts in order to understand it. Sorry.

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