Libary for Stockholm aligmnent format

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GPL-3 licensed by Florian Eggenhofer
Maintained by

StockholmAlignment Hackage Build Status

Libary containing parsing and visualisation functions and datastructures for Stockholm aligmnent format.


1.1.1 Florian Eggenhofer <> 7. May 2017
* Fixed use of vector index instead of column number for col index and label placing
1.1.0 Florian Eggenhofer <> 7. May 2017
* Specific column labels are now passed as color vectors independent of model indices
* Added consensus secondary structure to alignment visualisation
1.0.4 Florian Eggenhofer <> 27. April 2017
* Added visualisation of consensus secondary structure if present
1.0.3 Florian Eggenhofer <> 24. April 2017
* Relaxed version bounds on diagrams library
1.0.2 Florian Eggenhofer <> 12. April 2017
* Included additional tag characters
1.0.1 Florian Eggenhofer <> 14. January 2017
* Linted code
1.0.0 Florian Eggenhofer <> 21. December 2016
* Initial release
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