Template Your Boilerplate - a Template Haskell version of SYB

Latest on Hackage:0.2.3

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BSD3 licensed by Michael D. Adams, Thomas M. DuBuisson
Maintained by Thomas M. DuBuisson

This is the Template Your Boilerplate (TYB) library.

The “Template Your Boilerplate” paper documents the design of this library and is available at: http://cs.pdx.edu/~adamsmic/projects/tyb/TYB.pdf

The TYB library is in the Data.Generics.TH module.

The ‘examples’ folder contains examples of using TYB and is a good place to start getting familiar with TYB. They can be built with:

$ ghc --make examples/*.hs

A couple of useful debugging helpers for Template Haskell are included in the Debug.TH module.

We welcome feedback on both the implementation and the interface.

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