A client for Quill databases

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BSD3 licensed by Nate Pisarski


Tables is a command-line program for accessing Quill databases. It supports an English-like argument structure, typed Elements, truly whitespace independant parsing, and some advanced composite functions.

Argument rundown

Tables [filename] get x from y

Tables [filename] get x

Tables [filename] add x as y

Tables [filename] add x to y as z

Tables [filename] remove x from y

Tables [filename] remove x

Tables [filename] change x in y to z

Tables [filename] map x to y as z

Tables [filename] combine x with y as z

Tables [filename] file x

Tables [filename] list

Tables [filename] x and y and...

Tables [filename] repl

Table syntax

The actual flat file has a somewhat human readable syntax. Here is a file showing all possible use cases:

table(tableName){`preserve whitespace`:val;key1:val1;}
list(listName){a;b;c} /* I'm a comment! */

Sales pitch

Tables is relatively safe (it won't delete its own file anymore, and probably won't burn your house down). It is built upon a rock-solid library (Cookbook) and a slightly-less rock-solid concept. The Haskell type system makes the base Quill library safe in regards to unexpected behavior, although there are some errors that Tables cannot recover from.

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