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MIT licensed by Eirik <clux> Albrigtsen

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Tournament is a pure library for generating tournanaments and handling match scoring and propagation of winners/losers internally. It is currently under development, but a preliminary version is available on hackage.


  • Double | Single elimination style Duel tournaments
  • Intelligent FFA elimination tournament for experimental setups
  • Round robin scheduling
  • Group creation
  • Encapsulated scoring system.


Install the Haskell platform, then

bash $ cabal-dev update && cabal-dev install tournament

Running tests

Install development dependencies. Note on older versions of cabal: you may have to install the Test-Suite dependencies manually with cabal-dev install depName.

bash $ cabal-dev update && cabal-dev install --enable-tests

Run the tests

bash $ cabal-dev configure --enable-tests && cabal-dev build && cabal-dev test


MIT-Licensed. See LICENSE file for details.

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