ViennaRNA v2 bindings

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OtherLicense licensed by Christian Hoener zu Siederdissen (bindings) 2013-2017, The ViennaRNA Team (library) 1994-2017

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ViennaRNA Bindings

This package provides bindings to a subset of the functions provided by the ViennaRNA package, v2. The relevant C functionality is provided directly.


Christian Hoener zu Siederdissen
Leipzig University, Leipzig, Germany


  • use ByteString.Char8 instead of String

  • included C/$ALL.c C/config.h in distribution

  • track ViennaRNA version numbers in 2nd component
  • bump to v 2.3.3

  • partial bindings to ViennaRNA 2.2.5
  • tests/properties.hs

  • added stack.yaml file

  • added circular folding and partition function calculations
  • NOTE due to circular dependencies in fold / fold_vars we currently can not cabal repl on ghc 7.8.{1,2,3}

  • added duplexfold
  • added a bunch of c/h files due to duplexfold dependencies

  • removed debug statements

  • constrained cofold partition function added

  • export everything in the bindings

  • breaking changes to PartFunc.chs
  • constrained partition function folding
  • includes should now all be local (that one was bad)

  • relevant cbits are now provided as part of the cabal package

Depends on 3 packages:
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