A simple command line tools to control the Asus WL500gP router

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Vasyl Pasternak

Asus WL500g Premium command-line tool

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Author: Vasyl Pasternak

This program access to the WL500g Premium router through the web admin
interface and performs following actions:

- query connection status
- query log
- sends connect command
- sends disconnect command
- sends clear log command
- reconnects the WAN (disconnect -> wait -> connect)

Connection info consists of login user name, login password and router
host name (or IP address) and stored in credeintials file

Credentials file format:

user: <login name>
password: <login password>
host: <router's host name or IP address>

Default credentials file stored in the
'$HOME/.WL500gPControl/credentials' file on Linux or in the
'C:\Documents And Settings\<username>\Application Data\WL500gPControl\credentials'
file on Windows.

Also you can specify another credentials file in each call to the WL500gPControl
tool. Its name should be the last parameter to the command.

WL500gPControl accepts following parameters:

-c, --connect Send connect command to the router
-d, --disconnect Send disconnect command to the router
-r[wait], --recornnect[=wait] Reconnect, wait parameter specifies the period
between disconnect and connect (in seconds)
-s, --status Prints connection status
-l[N], --log[=N] Prints last N lines of the router's log
-x, --log-clear Clear log

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