Win32 DHCP Server Management API

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BSD3 licensed by Michael Steele

This package provides a partial binding to the Win32 DHCP Server Management API. Its purpose is to query and control a Microsoft DHCP server. Enough functionality is defined so so that Ipv4 client lease and reservation records can be manipulated programmatically._Only 32-bit versions of GHC are supported at this time._

Here are a few notes on the required environment:

  • Only 32-bit executables are supported. This is mainly because pointers are assumed to be 4 bytes wide in a few places. Support for 64-bit executables may be added in the future.

  • All library calls should be supported on Windows 7 or above.

Simple Example and Usage

-- Print all MAC addresses with an active client lease
module Main where

import Data.Ip
import Data.Mac
import qualified Data.Text.IO as T
import System.Win32.DHCP

main :: IO ()
main = do
    api <- loadDHCP
    clients <- enumClients api context
    let macs = map (showMac ":" . clientHardwareAddress) clients
    mapM_ T.putStrLn macs
    Right subnet = readIp ""
    context = Context "" subnet



* internal code documentation
* small internal code refactorings


* updated documentation
* internal refactoring


* Update to support GHC 7.6 - 7.10
* Expose freeDHCP function


* bug fix: Internal memory structures were not being freed properly.


* All functions throw Win32Exception exceptions.
* strict Text values are favored over String
* drop dependency on safe
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