Alternative error handling for Win32 foreign calls

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BSD3 licensed by Michael Steele

This package provides an alternative to the Win32 library's error handling mechanism. The goal is to provide a nearly drop-in replacement for Win32's error-handling functions while offering the following benefits:

  • Ability to distinguish between different Win32 error codes.

  • Ability to catch Win32 exceptions separately from other exception types.

  • Ability to query for the generating function's name and standard system error massage associated with the exception.


## 0.2.3

* Support for GHC 8.2.x and GHC 8.4.x

## 0.2.2

* Support for GHC 8.0.x

## 0.2.1

* Support for GHC 7.8.x

## 0.2

* Add several additional error codes.
* Update constraints on base package.
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