Support for manipulating NTFS junction points.

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BSD3 licensed by Michael Steele

This package provides the ability to manipulate NTFS junction points as supported by Windows 2000 and above. Junction points, along with NTFS hard links and NTFS symbolic links, are a type of symbolic link that can be made between folders existing on the same filesystem. Please read Microsoft KB205524 [1] for more information on junction points.

Junction points have always been left undocumented in the Win32 SDK. The Windows 2000 Resource Kit came with a command-line utility named linkd.exe to work with them. Later, Mark Russinovich of SysInternals distributed a replacement utility named Junction [2] which accomplished the same thing.

This source code is based on an article [3] and C++ library [4] written by Mike Nordell at

It is against Microsoft's recommendation to make use of undocumented API features. Use this library at your own risk.






## Changes in 0.2.1

* Update constraints on 'text' library to support version 1.2.x

## Changes in 0.2

* Depend on Win32-errors for error handling.
* More strict package dependencies

## Changes in 0.1

* 64-bit GHC is now supported.
* Update cabal file to build on recent versions of GHC.
* An internal foreign import is now being called with the "safe" option.
* bug fixes. The deleteJunctionPoint function was failing to delete junction
points in many cases.
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