Transformers for the Aivika simulation library

Latest on Hackage:5.0.1

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BSD3 licensed by David Sorokin
Maintained by David Sorokin

This package is a generalization of the aivika [1] simulation library with extensive use of monad transformers and type families.



Version 5.0

  • Added the Composite monad transformer.

  • Added the Channel computation.

  • Breaking change: modified signatures of functions signalStream and streamSignal.

  • Breaking change: the signalProcessor function is replaced with channelProcessor.

  • Breaking change: the processorSignaling function is replaced with processorChannel.

  • Added module Signal.Random.

  • Added functions arrivalTimerSignal and arrivalTimerChannel.

  • Added functions queuedSignalStream, queuedProcessorChannel and queuedChannelProcessor.

Version 4.6

  • Removed the MonadTemplate type class as it often caused overlapping family data instances.

  • Updated module DoubleLinkedList.

  • Breaking change: arrows Net and Processor are trying to perform computations in parallel as possible, when using the proc notation. Earlier they executed sequentially.

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