Constructive abstract algebra

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BSD3 licensed by Edward A. Kmett
Maintained by Edward A. Kmett


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This is a package for exploring constructive abstract algebra in Haskell.

Contact Information

Contributions and bug reports are welcome!

Please feel free to contact me through github or on the #haskell IRC channel on

-Edward Kmett



  • Compatibility with GHC 8.0.x
  • Dropped incomplete instance for Algebra r (Map a b) instance
  • Restructured Ring hierarchy (Thanks @dfoxfranke!)
  • Added DecidableNilpotence class (Thanks @dfoxfranke!)


  • Support for nats version 1 and base 4.8's version of Numeric.Natural. This required monomorphizing some stuff to Natural, but that is more accurate than the previous hack anyways.


  • Added Euclidean domains and the field of fractions.


  • Compatibility with GHC 7.8.x
  • Removed keyed and representable-tries dependencies


  • Started CHANGELOG
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