Conversions between algebraic classes and F-algebras.

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Algebraic classes are type classes where all the methods return a value of the same type, which is also the class parameter. Examples from base are Num and Monoid.

F-algebras are functions f a -> a, where the functor f is called the signature, and the type a the carrier.

This package relates these 2 concepts, and can create conversions between the two using Template Haskell. More specifically, it can generate:

  • signatures from algebraic classes

  • instances of algebraic classes from F-algebras.

This is useful because type classes are more commonly used in Haskell than F-algebras, but F-algebras are easier to work with, because they are just functions.


0.7 -> 0.7.1
- Update for GHC 8.0.2
- Updated to template-haskell-

0.6 -> 0.7
- Update for GHC 8.0
- Updated to base-
- Updated to template-haskell-
- Updated to syb-0.6

0.5.2 -> 0.6
- Update for GHC 7.10
- Updated to base-
- Updated to template-haskell-

0.5.1 -> 0.5.2
- Update for GHC 7.8
- Updated to base-
- Updated to template-haskell-
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