Combinator library for quasi- and anti-quoting.

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BSD3 licensed by Lars Corbijn

A combinator library to improve the building of anti-quoters. Especially aimed at removing copy-and-paste programming from their definition. Other antiquoting related features could be included in the future.

The modules are

  • Language.Haskell.AntiQuoter.Base basic types for building antiquoters. It also contains the most detailed example of the basic usage.

  • Language.Haskell.AntiQuoter.ExpPat making antiquoters which can antiquote both expressions and patters. Therefore only one antiquoter has to be defined in stead of two.

  • Language.Haskell.AntiQuoter.Combinators more useful combinators to use with the functions from Language.Haskell.AntiQuoter.ExpPat.

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