A http client for Apiary. https://github.com/winterland1989/apiary-http-client

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MIT licensed by winterland

Apiary HTTP Client

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A HTTP Client for Apiary, using Apiary’s extension api, suitable for proxying HTTP request to backend API, with flexible APIs and streamming proxying abilities.

This module also reexport Network.HTTP.Client.


import Web.Apiary
import Network.Wai.Handler.Warp
import Web.Apiary.HTTP.Client as HTTP

main :: IO ()
main = runApiaryWith (run 8080) (HTTP.initHTTPClient HTTP.defaultManagerSettings) def $ do

    [capture|/query|] . action $ do
        -- make a new Network.HTTP.Client.Request from current ActionT's Network.Wai.Request
        -- it's recommended to use resetHeaders to remove following headers:
        -- Transfer-Encoding, Content-Length, Content-Encoding and Accept-Encoding.
        req <- HTTP.fromRequest id resetHeaders

        -- set proxying host and port
        -- use function from Network.HTTP.Client to modify more
        let req' = HTTP.setHost "api.backend.com" . HTTP.setPort 80 $ req

        -- send request and proxy respond in streamming fashion.
        HTTP.proxyTo req'
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