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Haskell API bindings for the ApproveAPI HTTP API.

ApproveAPI is a simple API to request a user’s real-time approval on anything via email, sms + mobile push.

Getting Started

To get started, we create a config:

import qualified ApproveApi as A
config <- (`A.addAuthMethod` A.AuthBasicApiKey "sk_test_yourapikeyhere" "")
          <$> A.newConfig 

Now we can make API calls. For example, let’s send an approval prompt to confirm a financial transaction.

import qualified Network.HTTP.Client.TLS as NH
let body = "Your AcmeBank credit card was just charged $3249.99 at APPLE STORE,\
\ San Francisco. Authorize this transaction?"
let prompt = (A.mkCreatePromptRequest "" body) {
                A.createPromptRequestLongPoll = Just True,
		            A.createPromptRequestApproveText = Just "Authorize",
		            A.createPromptRequestRejectText = Just "Reject"
let createPromptRequest = A.createPrompt prompt

mgr <- NH.newTlsManager
createPromptResponse <- A.dispatchMime mgr config createPromptRequest

flip mapM_ createPromptResponse (\r ->
  case A.promptAnswer r of 
    Nothing -> putStrLn $ "No response yet"
    Just answer -> case A.promptAnswerResult answer of
      True -> putStrLn $ "Request approved"
      False -> putStrLn $ "Request rejected"


Full documentation is available here:

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