A computer assisted argumentation transcription and editing software.

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GPL-2 licensed by J. M. Scheppat
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ArguEdit is an argument transciption and editing software. It allows for rather objective argumentation by visualizing the elements of an argumentation. Argumentations may begin with definitions or a thesis. Then to support the thesis premises can be added with indentation, so that the relation of belonging is visible and spreading in a tree like manner. Thereafter conclusions can be drawns from what was given above. By making rather immaterial arguments perceivable the arguments gain persuasiveness. Circulations, undefined expressions or other flaws of argumentation can be pointed at. The element buttons change color on clicking so each element can be marked. For instance undiscussed elements could be colored gray, dismissed ones red, valid ones blue and so on. This way discussing in philosophical arguments as well as in any other subject becomes computer assisted and gains power over emotionally heated pitfalls.

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