Flattens European non-ASCII characaters into ASCII

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MIT licensed by Daniel Choi
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This simple library provides a function to flatten non-ASCII European characters into nearest US-ASCII equivalent.

Hackage package:

See source for Data.Char.AsciiFlatten for the character conversions.

The character translation table is derived from this URL:


:m + Data.Char.AsciiFlatten
ghci> map asciiFlatten "café"
ghci> map asciiFlatten "Übermensch"

When performance matters, use :: (Char -> Char) -> Text -> Text

Command line usage

The package also installs a simple command line tool named ascii-flatten for use from the command line and in shell scripts:

$ echo café | ascii-flatten

Code generation

The code for this package is generated using the script in the project directory.

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