The Assimp asset import library

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BSD3 licensed by Joel Burget
Maintained by

Important: Install with cabal install --extra-include-dirs /usr/local/include/assimp/ Of course use the location of the include files on your system.

This library provides FFI bindings to the Assimp asset import library. It requires Assimp to already be installed. For more information about Assimp see the assimp website at

This release corresponds to Assimp 2.0. When this package stabilizes I intend to track new releases of Assimp by also releasing new versions with the same version number, but this should be considered a beta release. Importing models is currently working. Textures and animations are untested.

Here is a sample program that imports a scene and then outputs the information contained in it.

module Main where

import System (getArgs)
import Graphics.Formats.Assimp

-- Defines the preprocessing we want assimp to perform
processing = [ CalcTangentSpace
             , Triangulate
             , JoinIdenticalVertices
             , SortByPType

main = do
  args <- getArgs
  scene <- importFile (head args) processing
  print scene                   -- Outputs all information in the scene
  getVersionMajor >>= print     -- Print the major version of assimp
  getVersionMinor >>= print     -- Print the minor version of assimp
  getVersionRevision >>= print  -- Print the version revision of assimp

See for more.

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