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[] - 2022-07-21


  • Support for the discriminatedUnionCodec for discriminated unions in autodocodec-

[] - 2022-06-19


  • When combining alternative enum schemas, combine the enum values into one enum if they have the same type. (#17)
  • Set default value on the property level instead of object level to fix generation of invalid schemas caused by the default value not matching the type of the object schema
  • The generated schema for Maps and HashMaps now has a type`` of “object”as well asadditionalProperties`

[] - 2022-04-05


  • Fixed an issue where, when using named and mutually recursive types, not all schemas would be declared when the top level type was declared with declareSchemaRef from openapi3 (#16)
  • Fixed an issue where using named would declare a named schema, but would return an un-named schema, sometimes leading to duplicate schema definitions (#16)
  • declareSpecificNamedSchemaRef and declareSpecificSchemaRef now work with any MonadDeclare, not just the Declare concrete monad (#16)
  • Added a type field when generating enum schema from EqCodec. This is required so that enum values are shown in swagger-ui. (#15)

[] - 2021-12-23


  • disjointEitherCodec now no longer generates additionalProperties = true and uses oneOf instead of anyOf.


  • Now uses nullable: true instead of anyOf for maybe codecs.

[] - 2021-11-19

First release.