Bindings for Amazon Web Services (AWS) General Reference

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MIT licensed and maintained by Lars Kuhtz

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Haskell Bindings for Amazon Web Services (AWS) General Reference

API Version 0.1


Assuming that the Haskell compiler GHC and the Haskell build tool cabal is already installed run the following command from the shell:

cabal install --enable-tests

Running Tests

cabal test

Normalization of the date header breaks the AWS test suite, since the tests in that test suite use an invalid date.

Date normalization is enabled by default but can be turned of via the cabal (compiletime) flag normalize-signature-v4-date. When date normalization is enabled the official AWS Signature V4 test-suite is skipped excluded from the tests. In order to include this test-suite run the following shell commands:

cabal configure --enable-tests -f-normalize-signature-v4-date
cabal test



  • Provide NFData instance for all suitable types.


  • Add support for custom endpoints beyond the standard regions.


  • Support X-Amz-Security-Token header for signing with credentials derived from IAM role.


  • Relax lower bound on cabal version for GHC-7.6.

  • Update documentation of SignatureV4Credentials for aws-0.9.2.


First public version.

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