Performance Tests for the Haskell bindings for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Latest on Hackage:0.1.1

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MIT licensed and maintained by Lars Kuhtz

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By using the dynamo-performace application from this package with your AWS API credentials costs will incure to your AWS account. Depending on the provisioned test table read and write throughput these costs can be in the order of several dollars per hour.

Also be aware that there is an option to keep the table after the tests are finished (for example for usage with successive test runs). If you use that option you have to make sure that you delete the table yourself when you don’t need it any more.


First make sure that you have at least version 1.20 of Cabal. You can upgrade to a recent version via

cabal install Cabal --constraint='cabal>=1.20'

It is important that you upgrade to a recent Cabal version before you run one of the following commands.

For installation from Hackage you run:

cabal install aws-performance-tests

For installation from the GitHub repository can can use the following commands:

git clone
cd hs-aws-performance-tests
cabal install


Optionally the application can be compiled with support for generating charts. For this you must install cairo and gtk2hs-buildtools. You also need recent versions of alex and happy. On a Linux/Debian system you can install cairo as follows:

sudo apt-get install libcairo2

The Haskell build-tools are installed via:

cabal install alex happy gtk2hs-buildtools

You then pass the flag -fwith-chart to the the installation commands:

cabal install aws-performance-tests -fwith-chart

Or when compiling the sources from GitHub:

git clone
cd hs-aws-performance-tests
cabal install -fwith-chart


After installing the package you’ll find the executable dynamodb-performance in the default location where cabal is configured to install binaries.

In order to use the application you must put your AWS API credentials for your AWS account in the file ~/.aws-keys as described in the Documentation of the aws package.

For help on available options you may call the executable with --help:

dynamodb-performance --help



  • Make AWS region a configurable parameter.
  • Support for Chart >= 1.3.
  • Upgrade to optparse-applicative-0.10.0.


First public version.

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