A simple DevOps tool which will never "reach" enterprice level.

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GPL-3 licensed by Ingolf Wagner


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Is a very simple DevOps tool, which will never “reach” enterprise level.


  • Readable -> Haskell
  • Check your rule set before changing your system -> Strong Type-system of Haskell
  • Adaptive -> can run on all kinds of Linux and it is also planed to run on osx and Windows
  • Lightweight -> No installation (except some basic shell tools) needed on the target host.

How to start

Install azubi via cabal.

cabal install azubi

create a file (e.g. config.hs) somewhere you like with the content

#!/usr/bin/env runghc

import Azubi

main :: IO ()
main = azubiMain $ []
       & installed (Ebuild "vim")
       & uptodate (Git "" "/dev/shm/azubi")
       & installed (Git "" "/dev/shm/azubi-config")
       & run (Always "touch" ["/dev/shm/run.test"])
       & link "/dev/shm/" "/dev/shm/azubi"

call the script to get a help

./config.hs --help


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