Fast base32 and base32hex codec for ByteStrings

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BSD3 licensed by Sam Truzjan
Maintained by Sam Truzjan

base32-bytestring is efficient base32 and base32hex codec for bytestrings. The API is similar to base16-bytestring and base64-bytestring packages.


| function | MB/sec | |:---------------:|:---------------:| |encoding | 400 | |decoding | 400 | |lenient decoding | 250 |

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2013-12-01 Sam Truzjan <>

* Fixed build failure with base < 4.6.0.

2013-11-29 Sam Truzjan <>

* Add tests to tarball.

2013-11-29 Sam Truzjan <>

* Allow to catch decoding errors in pure code.

2013-10-31 Sam Truzjan <>

* Update URLs after migration.

2013-10-04 Sam Truzjan <>

* Added lenient decoding.

2013-09-27 Sam Truzjan <>

* Initial version.
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