Make Linux or MacOS do things like "rename *.mp3 *.mp4"

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A simple command make linux or macos do things like "rename .mp3 .mp4" in Windows/MSDOS

Do you remember the convenient command `rn' in MSDOS ? When you want to change all your .mp3 files to .mp4 Simply type "rn .mp3 .mp4." I really like this. But in linux/Mac world, people keep asking how.( So maybe this little tool can help you a lot. remember QUOTE NEEDED.


  • sudo apt-get install cabal-install
  • cabal update
  • cabal install batch-rename


  • batch_rename "*.mp3" "*.mp4"
  • batch_rename "*.mp3" "fake*.mp4"
  • batch_rename "DCIM*.jpg" "*.png"
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