Batch processing toolset for Linux / Unix

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Ilya Portnov
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The batchd is a toolset for batch processing for Linux / Unix operating systems. It enables one to:

  • Create and manage queues of tasks (batch jobs);

  • Specify time periods (schedules) when jobs from each queue can be executed;

  • Run batch jobs on localhost or on several machines one-by-one or in parallel.

The main concern of batchd are batch jobs, which are meant to take some time to execute (minutes to days) and consume a lot of computational power (probably whole power of the machine). Examples of such jobs are:

  • Scientific calculations (physical modelling or numeric experiments on differential equations, for example);

  • Building large software products from source code;

  • Running integration test suites;

  • Rendering complex 3D scenes or animations;

  • Executing complex reports on large databases;

  • Backups;

  • and so on.

For more complete description, please refer to README and Wiki on GitHub.

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