Betfair API bindings. Bet on sports on betting exchanges.

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MIT licensed by Mikko Juola
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This library contains Haskell bindings to the Betfair API.

At the moment, the ‘Betting API’ and ‘Heartbeat API’ is implemented. The ‘Accounts API’ is not.

See “Network.Betfair”.

CAUTION: These are experimental bindings. Because of the financially dangerous nature of betting, I advice you to have a contingency plan if something in the library breaks down.

In particular, check the Betfair API documentation page for which version it is at the moment. This library is written against version 2.0 exactly.

This library enforces limits on the number of calls you can do to Betfair API in a second, to help you avoid data charges. See “Network.Betfair.Unsafe”.

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