`binary-instances` defines orphan instances for types in some popular packages.



  • Add instances for ByteArray from data-array-byte or base
  • Support primitive-0.8
  • Support tagged-0.8.7


  • Add instance for primitives ByteArray.


  • Support aeson-


  • Add instances for time-1.11 types: Month, Quarter, QuarterOfYear


  • Breaking change rename this package to binary-instances. It was previously known as binary-orphans, which is now only a subset.

  • Depend on time-compat to provide Binary instances for time types.

  • ZonedTime instance (by @mstksg)

  • GHC-8.2 support
  • SystemTime instance (time-1.8)

  • Add instance for hashed in hashable >=

  • Fix issue with binary-0.5.x

  • Fix issue with binary-0.8.4.x and GHC-7.x

  • Add CI a instance
  • Add Alt f a instance for base >=
  • Add WrappedMonoid m and Arg a b instances
  • Support binary-
  • Add Void instance (base <4.8)
  • Add Natural instance (nats <1.1, base <4.8)

  • Add AbsoluteTime instance (thanks @neongreen)

  • Support GHC 7.6

  • Add Min, Max, First, Last, Option, and NonEmpty instances (from semigroups)

  • Support scientific >= 0.3.4

  • Add Dual, All, Any, Sum, Product, First and Last instances