Low level bindings supporting GTS, the GNU Triangulated Surface Library

Latest on Hackage:0.1.1

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LGPL-3 licensed by Joel Crisp
Maintained by Joel Crisp

This package contains bindings to GTS ( library using bindings-DSL macros and style. Like GObject, it's not useful by itself, but as a foundation for other libraries making use of its type system.

NOTE: these bindings were not made by the author(s) of GTS so please don't bug them about issues with the bindings! Any errors in these bindings are my responsibility not that of the GTS team.


Initial version.
Improved documentation; added some missing functions; fixed a function name; bumped version of base to >=4
Adding missing GTS enumeration for CSG boolean operations; added some more missing functions; fixed some bad FunPtr references; added some helper methods, added missing GTS_inline.h header to sdist archive
Bindings reorganized by MaurĂ­cio Antunes, author of Bindings-DSL. Bindings much improved as a result. This is an incompatible API change but should be the last change to the package organization. Should now cover all of the GTS library. Some features (GSList etc) moved into Bindings-GLib ( as they should be there.
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