Low level bindings to libusb.

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BSD3 licensed by MaurĂ­cio C. Antunes
Maintained by Bas van Dijk

Low level bindings to libusb-1.*

This package uses bindings-DSL and conforms to its naming convention.

For a higher-level and more Haskell friendly binding (which uses this package) see the usb package.


Make sure the libusb C library is installed:

  • Ubuntu Linux: sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev

  • Gentoo Linux: sudo emerge libusb

  • MS Windows: Download libusb for MS Windows and extract it somewhere e.g. C:\Program Files\libusb\libusb1.

    Important build-time files: libusb-1.0\include\libusb.h and MinGW32\dll\libusb-1.0.dll.a

    Important run-time files: MinGW32\dll\libusb-1.0.dll

    Make sure to use the following cabal options:

      --extra-include-dirs="C:\Program Files\libusb\libusb1\include\libusb-1.0"
      --extra-lib-dirs="C:\Program Files\libusb\libusb1\MinGW32\dll"
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