Low-level bindings to portaudio library

Latest on Hackage:0.2

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Fumiaki Kinoshita


Installation on Windows

  1. Download and unpack the latest portaudio at a clear directory (e.g. C:\portaudio).
  2. Run bash configure, then make.
  3. Edit portaudio-2.0 as follows:
--- prefix=/usr/local
+++ prefix=C:/portaudio

--- libdir=${exec_prefix}/lib
+++ libdir=${exec_prefix}/lib/.libs
  1. If you don't have pkgconfig, download pkg-config from GTK+ Download: Windows (32-bit) and make sure pkg-config.exe is in your PATH.
  2. set PKG_CONFIG_PATH=C:/portaudio
  3. Run cabal update && cabal install bindings-portaudio.
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