Low level bindings to SIPC.

Latest on Hackage:1.1

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LGPL licensed by Justin Ethier
Maintained by Justin Ethier <>

Haskell bindings for the Secure Inter-Process Communications Library for SELinux.


The SIPC C library must be installed before the bindings. Please download it from this page and follow the installation instructions.

Once the library is available, Haskell bindings can be installed using cabal:

cabal update
cabal install bindings-sipc


Example programs are provided to test message queues. Before using them you need to copy data.txt from the SIPC examples directory, and you need to create a file sipc_mq_test. The programs can then be executed in order:

$ MQCreator
$ MQReader &  # Either run in background or in another terminal
$ MQSender
$ MQDestroyer
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